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“We are helping people by becoming The Best RBD Coconut Oil Manufacturer in Indonesia”

Helpfulcoco Export believes that our businesses should serve a meaningful purpose, which is to help people. Many family farmers and workers need to feed their families and send their children to school. In consequence, they worked tirelessly to produce high-quality coconut products. Only a small percentage of the world’s population is aware of their efforts and purchases their products, so they have to throw away their coconuts because no one buys them. Therefore, we help people through our businesses. And because of that, it makes us one of the best RBD Coconut Oil Manufacturers and Exporters in Indonesia.

What is RBD Coconut Oil?

RBD Coconut Oil has its characteristics due to the high-pressure refining process. This coconut oil product usually looks clearer, has a bland taste and is also odourless. It has more transparent / whiter than palm oil, odourless, and can be used 6 times in a frying pan. Surely, every RBD coconut oil manufacturer should understand this characteristic to produce high-quality products. 

The benefits RBD Coconut Oil is commonly used for frying and cooking. In addition, to frying RBD Coconut oil can also be used as a mixture of cosmetic ingredients and various types of other additional products. RBD Coconut Oil is also commonly used in the food industry because of its easy-to-blend taste and odourless aroma. Moreover, it is also preferred because it contains medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids which are the same as real coconut. Once again, RBD Coconut Oil manufacturers should note that this trait is what industries have been looking for. 

Helpfulcoco Export as RBD Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Helpfulcoco Export produces high-quality RBD coconut oil that is ready for export around the world. Moreover, we always take care of our service and select high-quality coconut as the main ingredients. Furthermore, our RBD Coconut Oil is produced utilizing innovative machinery to ensure that our goods meet the requirement for quality and consistency. 

Our RBD Coconut Oil Manufacturer comes from Central Java and East Java and for supply, capacity can reach approximately 2000 MT per month. We are available in different grades, that is Super Premium, Premium, and Standard.


Super Premium

    • Colour (in 5.25″ Cell) 0.4 Red max
    • Free Fatty Acid (as Lauric): 0.06% max
    • Iodine Value (Wijs): 7.5-10.5
    • Moisture & Impurities: 0.07% max


    • Colour (in 5.25″ Cell): 0.7 Red max
    • Free Fatty Acid (as Lauric): 0.075% max
    • Iodine Value (Wijs): 7.5-10.5
    • Moisture & Impurities: 0.07% max


    • Colour (in 5.25″ Cell): 1.5 Red max
    • Free Fatty Acid (as Lauric): 0.1% max
    • Iodine Value (Wijs): 7.5-10.5
    • Moisture & Impurities: 0.1% max

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