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We help family farmers and labourers by supplying their coconut products to you all over the world. We are delighted to assist you by providing the greatest quality coconut for your need and help you gain numerous benefits from their coconuts.

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Every your cooperation with us, we together create a chance for farmers and workers to get a better life


We’re a Leading Coconut Supplier and Export from Indonesia that Helps People

At Helpfulcoco Export, we believe that coconut farmers in Indonesia deserve to be valued and recognized for the hard work and dedication they put into producing high-quality coconut products. Our mission is to connect these farmers with importers and buyers who appreciate and are in need of their products.

We believe that when farmers are able to earn a fair price for their products, they can invest in their farms, families and communities. This creates a virtuous cycle of prosperity and growth.

We also recognize the important role of the factory workers in processing and packaging the products. We are committed to providing a fair and safe working environment for our factory staff, and to ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Our “why” is to empower and support small-scale farmers and factory workers in Indonesia by providing them with a reliable and fair market for their coconuts. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the economic growth and development of local communities.

We want our customers to know that every purchase they make from us helps to support these farmers and workers and their families.

When you choose to buy our products, you’re not only getting high-quality coconut products but also making a positive impact on the lives of the farmers and factory workers in Indonesia

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Our Products

100% Natural
High Quality
Semi-husked Coconut Supplier from Indonesia

Semi-Husked Coconut

Fibre has been removed from its whole mature fruit, while the husk in “the eye” remains.

Copra Coconut Supplier from Indonesia

The raw material for oil and its derivatives is coconut copra.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette

For shisha, black residue made from coconut shell.

Best Desiccated Coconut Supplier from Indonesia

Fully Matured Coconut Fruit, Shredded White Kernel

RBD Coconut Oil

It has been refined and is suitable for cooking oil, cosmetic ingredients etc.

Crude Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Fresh from copra, free of chemical additives.

CFAD Coconut Oil Manufacturer

by-products from physical refining of RBD process

Virgin Coconut Oil

Without heating, oil is extracted from the fresh meat of mature coconut fruit.

"Helping" Journey as a Coconut Supplier from Indonesia

We are dedicated to improving the lives of family farmers and workers. Simultaneously, we provide exceptional service to our customers while providing the best training to our employees. Furthermore, Helpfulcoco Export is dedicated to being the best Coconut Supplier and Exporter from Indonesia, which serves important functions in our businesses.

Helped Family Farmer
Helped Family Workers


Meet Our Team

Abyqa Coconut supplier from Indonesia

Raychan Abyqa Fahriza

Chief Operating Officer

Dimas Coconut Supplier from Indonesia

Dimas Ery Tritama S


Feby Zevanya

Business Development

Coconut Supplier Indonesia

Axell Atalla Rajasa


Triza Mardihaqq

Chief Design Officer

Melinda Putri

Business Development

Ila Maharani Putri

Business Development


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We will respond as soon as possible. However, we will likely need some time. This is because we have to coordinate with the production team to ensure the availability of goods. Especially when there is a large number of requests from others. So we have to precisely arrange the schedule of production for other buyers too.

We strongly advise you to visit our factory. As a result, you will be able to see our products up close. We are an Indonesian registered Private Limited Company. These days and age, one can always check the legitimacy of a corporation through various portals. We will gladly provide you with any information or details that you require from our end to alleviate your concerns. We are very open in our dealings. To reduce communication gaps, we clearly state everything before dealing with the customer. We need buyers, and we have a long-term goal in mind. We need your references to make our vision a reality.

We are happy to welcome you to come to our warehouse or factory in Indonesia. Moreover, we will also be happy to take you on a sightseeing tour of our wonderful Indonesia. Please contact us through the email address or WhatsApp number.

Of course, you are welcome to request samples from us. This is our commitment to provide our services to our partners. Please contact us through the email address or WhatsApp number.